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There is hope out there!! Lowering that cable bill is possible. Hire Dave to come

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Proven tested and well loved by many now. There are other ways to watch to TV.

There are alternatives to standard cable box TV now.

1) Media Streaming - Prime, Netflix Crave, Disney Plus and many others. 

2) Over the Air TV

1 Media Streaming  - Depending on the devices you use to stream tv content to your screen , will determine your viewing experience. I have tested many android box solutions. They are all affordable, easy to setup, and basically provide you with almost everything you could get on your android phone or tablet. For TV shows, and movies on demand these solutions are fantastic. Products made by Amazon like the Fire Stick, MyGica and Roku are all great for TV and movies. 

The fast paced sports environment of a hockey game, football or soccer game requires a bit more horse power to produce shudder-free action during those critical moments. Example - A long bomb pass or a hard slap shot from the point. Our internet connections can usually handle the the amount of data coming to our devices, but it is important that you have a significant amount of processing power for smooth High-Definition viewing action. For the sports fans I recommend a small form factor windows 10 PC. A PC which has the recent updates, 8-16 GB of Ram and an i5 series chip or higher manufactured within the last 3 years. If you can afford an upgrade to an SSD drive then I also highly recommend that because it further more increases performance.

Every month I post a refurbished PC list. Check it out. From this list I have built many machines to provide an entertaining media center for the family. Depending on the living room set up will determine your choice and size of machine. 

I will be posting a PC streaming package soon. This PC will feature a built PC designed with all the trimmings. Contain all the latest media streaming applications and tweaked for data streaming. Basically, configured with all the tweaks and performance gain solutions, I have learned over the past 3 years.

2 -Over The Air TV

When analogue TV was  no longer offered by the big media broadcasters, the CRTC mandated that a form of over the air TV was needed to be offered to reach people who did not have access to high-speed or main stream tv. The main channel broadcasters began broadcasting digital tv over UHF. Free TV. Depending on your age you will remember when UHF didn't provide you with much more than snow. Now it produces beautiful uncompressed (sudo High-def) TV. Whenever I watch Hockey Night in Canada on CBC, on my over the air antenna, I am blown away at the quality of the picture. 

Depending on your location you may be eligible to receive free over the air digital tv. There are plenty of towers broadcasting digital TV over UHF now. Very affordable indoor and outdoor antennas are available. I purchased an indoor 30 mile and 60 mile antenna each under 40 dollars. If you are in the Ottawa area you should at least pickup Global, CTV and CBC.  check out this website that will allow you to check you postal code to see which channels you will/should receive and also allow you to determine the strength of your antenna. TVFOOL.COM

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