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Most Popular Question - How much do you charge?  - Rate - Onsite support is $80.00/hour

                                                                                                        Remote support $20.00/15minutes


If time is of the essence there is a free pickup and return service associated with all repairs. 

If the machine requires some TLC just have it ready and I will pick it up. 

Services, to name a few:

  • ZOOM and Video Conference Software Setups - Remotely done - and COVID safe

  • PC Repair, Data Recovery, Rescue or Cloning - Hardware and upgrades

  • PC Repair - Software conflicts and drivers. Dave's performance tweaks. 

  • PC Configurations -Software Installations. Office applications , security applications.

  • Maintenance and Cleanup Malware , Spyware and Virus Removals

  • Home Network Repairs and Improvements.

  • Wireless Improvements - Wireless Site survey. Make sure your channels are not conflicting with your neighbours.

  • Remote Support Services  - billed in 15 minute increments.

  • Onsite Tutoring  - How to ? Going through your list of daily computer challenges.

  • Home Office - Tech startup  - For individuals working from home. Assistance in getting all tech things set up to get you on your way. Printers , scanners , faxes, scan to email, home office network.

  • Backup Services - Make sure your stuff is backed up. 

  • Email Services  - Assistance with any type of email setup.  Discuss your options with Dave.

  • File Streaming - Streaming your content to your big TV or sharing files between computer

  • TV Streaming - Consultation and implementation of good streaming combinations instead of traditional cable. 

  • Popular Upgrade - Breathe life back into that laptop before buying another one. Purchase a new SSD drive and clone your system to the latest hard drive technology. Talk to Dave about salvaging that old laptop or desktop. 


Lets get down to business!!

Easy Payments with PayPal


You have questions? I have solutions. 

Robot handyman with hand wrench light bu


Contact Number - Office and Cell - 343-553-5243

Thanks for submitting your request. Dave will contact your shortly.

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