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Tech Shopper

Take the burden and stress off of your shoulders. Don't buy something that isn't going to work for you.


Discuss with Dave, your technical needs. Plan out your technical needs. Agree to a budget and let Dave be your Personal Tech Shopper. 

During Covid and with the increased demand on home tech gear, and now that in class learning is back, the demand for tech gear in the home is higher than ever. Dave's many years of testing and installing a vast amount different technical products will quickly get you to a solution. Big or small. Call Dave. 


How does it work ?


Step 1 - Call Dave (Number in the top corner) or Book Online

Step 2 - Let Dave know you need his help to get some tech stuff. 

Step 3 - Dave sends an email to you to agree on the 1 hour Tech Shopper fee. 

Step 4 - Once the agreement on the tech shopping fee has been received then we will discuss all your needs, budget, and  plan timing on the receipt of the tech gear needed. 

Step 5 - Dave gets to work and delivers the product to your door. Costs are: The shopper fee and the hardware cost. 

Any hardware that is decided upon will be invoiced and then you can pay Dave either via e-transfer or on Dave's PayPal secure site. 

If you need your items installed :

Installations and configurations are billed separately. The tech shopper service was developed for your convenience. If you need to get technical items and simply don't want to review multiple sites and compare costs and quality of products.

Nitty Gritty : 

The Tech Shopper consultation service fee consists of 1 hour of Dave's time to consult with you and hunt down the products you need. If you are outfitting an entire home business then we will discuss additional time based on the amount of products needed.  

Online Shopping


Contact Number - Office and Cell - 343-553-5243

Thanks for submitting your request. Dave will contact your shortly.

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