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Not your traditional classroom setting.


Workshops or One on One Training

Basic Computer Know-How, for the generation that didn't grow up with technology. Also, perfect for New Canadians with no prior computer training. 


New !! - Phone and Tablet Talk - Book IT online

Book Dave to sit with you and show you all the fun things you can do with your new phone or tablet. Use this time to also setup email and apps on your phone on your tablet too.

Computer and phone training is delivered in a one on one tutor session, either in your home, or we establish a remote support login and work through sessions while on the phone with you connected to your computer.


Specialized training sessions customized for you with a slight structure, theme or focus.  Below are some of the training topics and sessions that are offered. All of our training sessions allow for some time to cover questions and answers periods that may not be related to the chosen session.


1) Establishing the Basics - Beginning your journey.

Examples of topics covered:

  • What kind of computer do I have ? Apple? PC? Windows 10? 

  • How much power do I have under the hood? 

  • Do I have enough power to do what I need to do? 

  • Computer Safety - AntiVirus, Anti-Malware and cleanup tools.

  • What is the internet? 

  • What is the Cloud?

  • What is a Browser and what kinds are out there? 

  • Does it matter which browser I use? Can I use both?

  • Can I do online banking? 

  • What is Social Media

Establishing the basics is a one hour session - Offered One on One, and One on One via Remote session as well.


Establishing the basicsis added to all workshops if desired.

Book it  - Onsite 

Book it  - Remote

2) All About Email - Working with Outlook and different Email Applications.

Example Curriculum topics:

Navigating Email Programs - The Basic Views/sections.

Viewing and Reading Email

Sending Emails

How to make an attachment

Handling Attachments - What to do when you get one.

Managing Folders

All about Signature Files

Calendars and Appointments and Reminders

All About Email - is a 2 hour session. There is a lot to cover and because it is a method of communication many questions come from this session usually 2 or more hours. 

Book it  - Onsite 

Book it  - Remote


Digital Online Learn Technology Network


Contact Number - Office and Cell - 343-553-5243

Thanks for submitting your request. Dave will contact your shortly.

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